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The Konica C 3300i Wireless Headset

The Konica FTG C3300i Konica Minolta Model Bizhub C3300i Wireless headphone is a simple but extremely useful gadget. It allows you to listen to your favourite music or other audio tracks without having to carry around an MP3 player or CD player. What’s more, it is a very reasonably priced wireless headphone that is perfect for traveling on the go. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that will last you several weeks. It weighs less than one pound and has a standard ear pad with three buttons which are used to control what the phone is doing. You can also find other controls on this great little headphone.


When you get down to it, the Konica C3300i wireless headphone really is just another high quality model of the toner konica. However, it does have some other nice features that set it apart from most other phones on the market. For example, the phone has a built-in infrared port that allows you to use your cell phone as an LED flashlight, which is incredibly handy if you need to see in low light environments like at night. In addition, the konica also comes with an external speaker port, which is perfect for using your sound system in places where you might not want your speakers to be hidden away.


The way that the Konica C3300i Wireless headphone works is by using Bluetooth technology to communicate with your computer. With your computer, you can view incoming call messages or emails on the screen of the konica. You can then play these messages or emails back to the person on the other line. This can all be done wirelessly, making it extremely easy to carry around wherever you want to go.

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