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A few weeks ago I went to the funeral home of a friend in Mornington Peninsuala and had a talk with the director. He was very nice and asked if I wanted to send flowers to the funeral home, and I did. That same day, I met with the funeral home and they presented me with a remembrance headstone. This is the first thing that I have done in a while because it really gives me comfort to know that my loved one is resting in peace.

Funeral Homes in the Mornington Peninsula

The funeral homes in Mornington Peninsuala are very consistent about having the same inscription on all of their tombstones. It says: In Loving Memory. I am very sure that everyone who visits the funeral homes will be able to recognize this inscription because it is a very familiar phrase. The headstone does not even take away from the beauty of the deceased because the stone is very big and elaborate.

I also mentioned that I was planning on planting a garden in front of the headstone. I did not want it to be a small one, but rather something that would go with the overall landscape of the area. My question of the day was answered. They informed me that they do not mind if I plant something along the pathway or in front of the headstone because they want the family to be able to honor their loved one. I appreciated their professionalism and sincerely hope that my experience has been helpful to you.

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